(W 10) Drop city

Bill Voyd- Drop City

At first glance the purpose of the structure above remains hard to define, however a pattern can be detected.  The pattern visible at first sight is  a series of domes covered with reflective material acting as envelopes wrapping and containing unknown interior spaces. Digging deeper into the content of Bill Voyd’s documentation, the patterns observed were clarified to be a reflection of human behaviour. Humans thrive off the formation of communities, however more specifically communities made of creative individuals from different fields who keep inclusive an atmosphere allowing the merging of professions. This experiment in Colorado due to its costs and structural demands relative to the income of the makers was hard to accomplish nevertheless, they managed to prove that behind their resilience is an ability to keep producing art despite the obstacle. Peeking at the forms and shapes expressed through the structure of those domes most of those designs were justified simply by the aesthetic preference of one feature over another. From an artistic point of view one can start to unveil what it is that the artist was trying to convey as he used this landscape and environment like a canvas on which he painted his home. Bill Voyd’s explanation however, is that what truly makes this work of art more genuine to the human experience is how the process of making it was shared with the inhabitant eliminating the threshold between his vision and his reality. Ultimately the capacity for a group of creative individuals to inhabit their imagination by circumventing the challenges of a given site eliminates the preconceived boundaries society tends to project.

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