(W 12) Anthropology and architecture

This image represents one of the many challenges any architect would love to tackle however, a more interesting task is at hand when it comes to such buildings addressing modern issues with the merging of architecture and Anthropology. Flipping two “L’s” upside down and joining them to form a structure can easily become heavy duty structural work however, the growing two-dimensional glass on the structure simplifies the complexity of what the rest of the picture reveals. The “L” shape is a common trait among modern minimalist architecture, nonetheless the subject of this image presents how simple concepts can still stimulate growth in architecture even in the absence of consistent symbols and ornaments. Rem Khoolas a dutch architect is taking these minimalist  concepts to different heights allowing anthropologists to fit in the design process of these projects by loosening the definition of architecture through modernism and therefore allowing more conversation with other professional fields. Creating more conversations between other fields and more specifically anthropology relative to architecture creates more genuine work, Khoolas has discussed not being able to establish intimate connections with his clients due to the growing lottery-like system driven by all sorts of architectural competitions. As these large companies learn more about architecture these competitions become irrelevant in the face of all the knowledge that is present to distinguish a multitude of architectural firms capable of performing well on a certain type of project. More importantly, informing clients about what architecture represents and what it can do for their own identity eliminates the boundaries around this profession and makes the professional field inclusive to those learning to design any kind of infrastructures.

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