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August 2017

Dealing With Segregation

Frightened by the quietness, the little girl caught hold of her mother. Showing no fear in her eyes, the mother firmly said “no”. Though that “no” sounded unshakeable, it still had some kind of agitation to it. The woman knew… Continue Reading →

Nature’s Magnanimity

India is known for its traditional music. The local people make instruments out of bamboo tree and make tunes that merges with the nature. I took this video while hiking in the mountains of Udaigiri while i saw a bird… Continue Reading →

Curious Minds

While walking on a street in India, my eyes got caught by these three kids. They had no idea so to what the cart did. Children are known to be curious and inquisitive. Proving to be the same, they pulled… Continue Reading →

Rasa Leela

Gond art is the traditional art of Madhya Pradesh, the state i belong to. Its a style where a basic form is drawn with blocks and detailing with bright colours. Often a story or a series of events are depicted… Continue Reading →

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