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October 2017

Sketchbook Pages [Intigrative Studio]

Bridge Project-2 “Dear Data”

Dear Data postcards symbolic conversation with Lizzie where each day we tracked number of, steps we took, we complained, texted somebody, played with our hair, washed our hands, checked Instagram. Each symbol has a different meaning behind it which is… Continue Reading →

Visual Essays


Bridge Project-1 “Selfie Book”

The Outer side of the book depicts my outer self and my traits. Every photograph is a depiction of my personality for example picture of my open pores represent sensitivity, eyes depict curiosity. The inner side of the book represents… Continue Reading →

Time Book- Inside Outside

Inside Outside explores the intricacies of the landscapes of NewYork and India. The book put fort the contrast between what I see versus what I perceive it to be. Printed on procolour, Book case made of handmade sheet with a… Continue Reading →

Time Class Collages


Tableau Vivant

It shows how even a small object like a lollipop could affect somebody’s emotions so much. It depicts the change in expression with time when the girl sees lollipop.

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