Artist’s Statement [Integrative Seminar-1]

When I first started going my research on Bridge project-4, i had no clue as to start from. A worker’s diary, and that too during the early 1800s. It didn’t sound familiar to me and so I just wrote the same thing on google and searched it. It came as a surprise to me that how quickly the topic caught my attention. The Industrial Revolution started in 1800s. The reason it caught my attention was because I had already learnt about The Industrial. Revolution in my high school. For a moment I thought that this Bridge Project would be very easy for me as I had full knowledge about it, but I was wrong. When I started doing my research on worker’s conditions in Britain, I also read about the impact it had on workers outside the country. Britain not only sourced their raw cotton from India but also exploited the workers in The East India Company. They encouraged the production of raw materials, while simultaneously imposing restrictions on domestic finished goods. This came as a shock to me as all this was not mentioned in my text book in high school. I had a personal connection with this project as it was somehow related to my home country, India. I dig deeper into the topic and I found out even more darker secrets about the relation between Britain and India. One of it being the ruin of the millions of artisans and craftsmen in India that was not accompanied by any alternative growth of new industrial forms, which lead to a massive loss of jobs. But there was something in this topic which shook me from inside. I figured out that The Industrial Revolution was one of the main reasons as to why Britain took over India in the first place.

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