Project Deconstruction Exercise

In the last Semester, I wrote a Research Paper for my Multilingual class on John Lennon and his music era. I was never interested in Rock n Roll music and i haven’t ever heard of The Beatles, but, while standing in a line at a grocery store, I started reading a magazine on the Beatles and John Lennon’s tragic death. I was shocked to know that a person who always promoted peace could die in this way. At the same time, I was surprised by the fact that after his death, people believe that the music era died. Can one person be responsible for an era? What era was it? These question came in my mind and I started my research on the topic.

Firstly, I began with reading Lennon’s biography and about the Beatles on the internet to get the basic knowledge about the topic. After that, I read books and magazines from 1960 and newspaper articles on The Beatles. I further on expanded my research by watching documentaries, music videos, interviews of Lennon, Beatles and other Artists on them.

I started my paper by making a rough outline of what I was going to write. Then I got peer review on that and according to my peer review, I made changes to my outline and focused more on the Rock and Roll era and John Lennon rather than his killing and the aftermath. After that, I wrote my rough draft and kept on reading it on a daily basis. When I read it everyday, I started pinpointing the tiniest mistakes and improved on it. Finally, I made my final draft in which I included information from the Internet, Books and Magazines, Documentaries and Interviews and peoples personal experiences. I even made a presentation in which I included a self-made video [ ]and information about how I did this project.