I wanted to illustrate my whole week in a fun and animated way. I was basically on wheels the whole last week. Be it driving or train or cart in a grocery store, I was always on wheels and I wanted to depict that. So I made a trail of road, grocery store floor, train track , runway, airport, New York roads and metro to depict my road. In the background, I illustrated whatever I did the whole week. The upper portion is in the shape of my City Bhopal and I’ve depicted whatever I did in Bhopal. As the large part of the week, I was in Bhopal, so it covers the larger portion of the frame. Then I traveled to Delhi which I showed with train track and the map of Delhi. Then I travelled to London and illustrated whatever I did there for example, excursions and traveling. Then Illustrated my last two days in by showing New York map with all the activities done that day for example, traveling in the cab, grocery shopping etc.I even added minute details like a menu bar to show that I worked on my laptop, map directions to show that I used google maps and phone. I portrayed that how even being in different cities and countries, I did the same thing and how life is like a cycle which repeats itself.