Bridge Project-1

Partner– Nishit Daswani

Nishit is a person who likes working at the making centre all day. He is always on the move and so whats to keep things handy. Due to having Vitamin-B deficiency, he shakes a lot which is causing a lot of problem in his life. He has problem is texting, taking pictures and most importantly, his phone falls very often which results in breakage.

Another thing that i observed was that his phone is never charged. He always keeps a portable charger with him.

Product– Shock absorbent phone cover for Apple iPhone X

Materials– Shock absorber (metal)

Rubber foam for base support

Thermoelectric Generator (metal and ceramic)

  • Silicon cover which increases the grip of the cover.
  • Rubber Foam used as the base to insulate and stop the heat to dissipate and increase the effectively of the shock observing springs. It is lightweight, impact Dampening, cost effective and gives a cushioning performance.
  • Metal shock absorbing springs .
  • Thermoelectric Generator with Ceramic top for cool heat source and N and P type semi-conductor which will convert heat energy to electrical energy.
  • Rough Sketch  

Color Scheme– Grey & Black


Shock absorber springs– To minimize the effect of shock by converting the kinetic

energy into heat energy

Rubber foam– acts as a support to the cover and phone because it is lightweight,

cushioning performance and impact dampening.

Thermoelectric Generator– Charges the phone by converting the heat energy released

by the springs and phone into electrical energy.

DimensionsLength– 6 inches

Breadth– 3 inches

Height-0.60 inches

                                                                 Final Sketches