Location- Pier 46

                                                 “Bridging the gap between concrete and jungle”


When I think of the Pier-46, the first thing that comes up is the calming effect it has on people. When I arrived at the pier after crossing all the streets full of hustle, I experienced a stark difference in my environment. It was calm, quite and very fresh. It was probably the only place in the city where I felt close to nature.


This place had a lot of history to it. Once a working part of the New York waterfront, the Pier had physically decayed by the 1980s and had developed a vibrant gay social scene for cruising. Since renovations and the opening of the Hudson River Park’s new Greenwich Village segment in 2003, it has retained its role as a gathering place for gay youth from New York City and New Jersey who have been congregating at the pier since the 1970s.


While I was relaxing in the garden feeling close to nature, I realized a something. It was not just nature but a combination of man-made objects and nature. It was a “Concrete-Jungle”. I could realize how humans have exploited nature and shaped it according to their needs.


In this photo essay, I wanted to show the Bridging the gap between concrete and jungle. How in reality it was all nature and slowly slowly it started becoming concrete and now all that is left is a concrete jungle. All these picture captured the essence of the place simultaneously showing the reality of life. All the pictures were shot on a gloomy day portraying the dark reality of mankind.


Final draft

For my final draft, I went back to my location on a sunny day and clicked more pictures. I started off with a picture of the nature with was bright and vibrant and gradually started darkening. It make it look sad and gloomy, it last panel is in a dull shade. I changed some pictures to make it more cohesive and added title to it. I didn’t put any gaps between the pictures to show that its a continuous process.