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March 2018

“Whole Foods Bag Project”- Drawing and Imaging

For this project, We had to design bags for Whole Foods. I made bags keeping in mind all the items that are available at the store.

“The Perfume Project” – Product, Promotion and Packaging

A 4-week long project in which we had to build our own perfume brand. We had to make a perfume bottle, a container and a display for it. Week-1: Mood-board    Week 2: I decided to make a perfume aiming… Continue Reading →

“The Emotional Project”- Product, Promotion and Packaging

My first project for Product, Promotion and Packaging, we had to make an abstract 3D object and a container for it that depicts an emotion. I was a two week long project in which first we had to depict our… Continue Reading →

Bridge-3 (STUDIO) “Informational Graphic/Data Visualization”

TOPICS For Bridge-3 1. what you are writing about – “I am working on Minimalistic design approach used by Tesla and Apple aim to reduce the cost and make it more efficient but rather do the opposite.” 2. what you… Continue Reading →

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