TOPICS For Bridge-3

1. what you are writing about – “I am working on Minimalistic design approach used by

Tesla and Apple aim to reduce the cost and make it more efficient but rather do the


2. what you don’t know about it – “I want to explore more on the facts on how much does

minimalism increases a product’s cost.”

3. why you want your reader to know and care about it – “we are at the stage of become

designers. It is important to know how design influences the cost and utility of a product.

I want people to know that, they can have good design that’s fanciful and wacky;

likewise, they can have minimalist design that’s horrible or vice versa .”


Infographic Inspiration


I’m planning to compare the two companies by comparing their products with one another showing how they work and how generation by generation their products become complex with the idea of minimalism.

Research and bibliography

Musk, Elon. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Accessed March 08, 2018. https://

Elon Musk talks about sustainable design and the design strategies taken up by Tesla.

He talks about his three car models which focus on different markets where he

mentions how the most simplistic designed car is the more expensive one.


Fadell, Tony. TED: Ideas worth spreading. Accessed March 09, 2018. https://

Tony Fadell, a product designer talked about the use of everyday objects and how

habituation changes the way products are used. He talks about the strategies used by

Steve Jobs for his iPod that attracted their customers.


“How Steve Jobs’ Love of Simplicity Fueled A Design Revolution.”

September 01, 2012. Accessed March 09, 2018.


The article is about how Steve Jobs saw design and how his minimalism design

innovation took over the market.



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before.” Business Insider. February 16, 2018. Accessed March 09, 2018. http://



This articles describes the 3 latest models of Tesla in detail. They show how the

reduced design approach makes it easier for customer use.


Turner, Daniel. “The Secret of Apple Design.” MIT Technology Review. December 30,

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This article talks about the design approach that apple uses in their products and the

reason behind every feature.


Isaacson, Walter. 2011. Steve Jobs. New York: Simon & Schuster.

This book talks about how Steve Jobs aimed towards minimalism and how it was

reflected in his products.


Final Project:


For my final Infographic, I made a minimalistic yet complicated design that compares and hows the reality of the two companies. How we buy the product and slowly start to realize its complications and more attached to that. It explains how The Who companies are so different yet have the same approach towards design.