My first project for Product, Promotion and Packaging, we had to make an abstract 3D object and a container for it that depicts an emotion. I was a two week long project in which first we had to depict our ideas through sketching and then for the final, we had to make a 3-dimentional form of it.


Week-1 : I made sketches of the emotions that I wanted to depict.

Entangled– A pink colored object showing confusion, and entanglement made out of wood and thread of different shades of pink braided with each other.

Freedom- A golden colored abstract tree made out of wire, twisted and braided together in order to make a strong structure. The purpose of making an abstract tree was to show growth and freedom through its branches.

Container– A wooden square box with nails and threads to give a feeling of trapped.

Excitement- multicolored different sized circles attached together though rivets which are placed one behind the other and open with a colorful blast to which people grow excitement for.

Container- An egg shaped container made of plaster or glued paper which hides the circles which builds up excitement and makes the person curious.


For the final project, I choose Freedom as the emotion I want to show. I made an unusual growing tree like human made out of wire in order to show growth, freedom.

For the container, I made a box out of wood and winded thread with nails to show the feeling of trapped. It shows how the human like tree is trapped in the box not able to grow.

The container shows the opposite emotion to the object so that when someone opens the box, you see a sense of freedom when you look at the tree.