A 4-week long project in which we had to build our own perfume brand. We had to make a perfume bottle, a container and a display for it.

Week-1: Mood-board 


Week 2: I decided to make a perfume aiming for woman aged 40-50. It shows mauve color showing femininity and subtleness. Thinking of mauve, the bottle will be made from the inspiration of an onion. An unusual shape with layers that unfold for you to discover. My perfume name is AAEENA which means mirror in Hindi to show that the perfume is your own reflection. The typeface is in Hindi with English alphabets.


Week 3: I made a mould out of silicon taking onion as my model. after that I poured raisin in the mouse to make my perfume bottle.

Week 4: I made a box as my display made out of wood. The doors are laser cut and the back has small mirror like sequence.  The bottle is pained with acrylic color and the ribbon displays the name. The crystal cap is made out of borax for the bottle.