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April 2018

Circle Line Assignment

Brooklyn Bridge- Williamsburg Bridge- Manhattan Bridge-   The NewTown eggs- Pollutants- waste discharged from truck. Air pollution by the smoke discharged from the factories.   Metal waste from the squeezed car in junk yard. Speaker 1-By the end of this… Continue Reading →

Bridge-4 Studio-II

Thesis Statement- The minimalistic design approach taken up by Apple and Tesla for their products aims towards making them easier for their users but in turn is making them complex and costly. Initial Project on this topic-  For my initial… Continue Reading →

“Solutions”- Sustainable Systems

For my sustainable systems class, we had to find a solution to a problem. Our market was the farmers in California. Problem to solve was that they don’t get enough water for their land due to the drought. California is… Continue Reading →

“The Elements of Packaging”- Product, Promotion and Packaging

An in-class project in which we learnt the techniques of constructing prototypes and methods by which graphics are applied to packaging.   

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