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Integrative Studio-2 Final Project

Thesis statement-  The products designed by Apple and Tesla take a very minimalist approach, The soul of which is seemingly to simplify the product and thus the lives of their users. This paper will explore the above named designs to… Continue Reading →

Reflection Post

My name is Yogita and I am a Communication Design major. It’s been a rollercoaster journey for me throughout the first year course. I started off by expecting nothing and just went on with flow with an open mind to… Continue Reading →

Plastic Bag Project.

For my plastic bag project, I made a belt out of two plastic bags and metal connectors. I braided plastic bag strips to make it strong and durable and attached it to the connector. All the parts can easily be… Continue Reading →

Kombucha Leather Project

I made a wallet out of leather and revits. It has an interlock system made with flaps from leather and all parts can easily be taken off and recycled.

Life Cycle Final Project- Sustainable Systems

For my final project for the Life Cycle, I made a jewelry Hanger/stand. I used scrap wooden block and wooden dowels. My main focus was to involve only one life cycle that could be recycled easily. I used wood as… Continue Reading →

Circle Line Assignment

Brooklyn Bridge- Williamsburg Bridge- Manhattan Bridge-   The NewTown eggs- Pollutants- waste discharged from truck. Air pollution by the smoke discharged from the factories.   Metal waste from the squeezed car in junk yard. Speaker 1-By the end of this… Continue Reading →

“Solutions”- Sustainable Systems

For my sustainable systems class, we had to find a solution to a problem. Our market was the farmers in California. Problem to solve was that they don’t get enough water for their land due to the drought. California is… Continue Reading →

“Whole Foods Bag Project”- Drawing and Imaging

For this project, We had to design bags for Whole Foods. I made bags keeping in mind all the items that are available at the store.

Bridge-3 (STUDIO) “Informational Graphic/Data Visualization”

TOPICS For Bridge-3 1. what you are writing about – “I am working on Minimalistic design approach used by Tesla and Apple aim to reduce the cost and make it more efficient but rather do the opposite.” 2. what you… Continue Reading →

Bridge Project-2 “Visual Essay”

Location- Pier 46                                                  “Bridging the gap between concrete and jungle” OBSERVATION When I think of the… Continue Reading →

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