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Integrative Studio 2

Integrative Studio-2 Final Project

Thesis statement-  The products designed by Apple and Tesla take a very minimalist approach, The soul of which is seemingly to simplify the product and thus the lives of their users. This paper will explore the above named designs to… Continue Reading →

Bridge-3 (STUDIO) “Informational Graphic/Data Visualization”

TOPICS For Bridge-3 1. what you are writing about – “I am working on Minimalistic design approach used by Tesla and Apple aim to reduce the cost and make it more efficient but rather do the opposite.” 2. what you… Continue Reading →

Bridge Project-2 “Visual Essay”

Location- Pier 46                                                  “Bridging the gap between concrete and jungle” OBSERVATION When I think of the… Continue Reading →

Bridge Project-1 “Design Invention” Final

                                                                    Bridge Project-1 Partner– Nishit Daswani Nishit… Continue Reading →

Illustrate your Week

  I wanted to illustrate my whole week in a fun and animated way. I was basically on wheels the whole last week. Be it driving or train or cart in a grocery store, I was always on wheels and… Continue Reading →

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