Space/Materiality : Non-fabric Clothes

Space/Materiality : Non-fabric Clothes










This is mini-project which is making a piece of clothing with non-fabric material.

[ 3 things I learned ]

1. Through cutting the material(Forever 21 plastic bag with patterns), I had to be careful about what patterns were cut or staying. If I was careless about it, the patterns that I wanted to use could be cut out.

2. The sleeve pattern was not straight-lined. It kind of looks like a mountain.

3. Plastic bag is not a good material to sew. It leaves big holes and fragile.

[ The piece that I like ] – KATY

1. I love the material. It was a shower matt. It looks so strong like thick fabric. Plus, the material makes look like ethic style.

2. Hand swing looks very neat and strong. It puts every piece together very still even though materials are really thick.

3. I like the depth of this. Since the material is little bit thick. It looks like a cushion and that’s what I like the most.