When I went to the MoMA, the pieces that interested me most were concerned with creating space out of flat looking shapes. Those are the ones I found myself looking at for longer periods of time, and I think that is because though they were so simple, it seemed as though real thought had been put into their compositions.

Two pieces I particularly remembered from my visit were The Studio by Pablo Picasso and [Composition-40-2011] by Shirana Shahbazi. Both were able to convey a sense of space while remaining extremely flat images, and both explore different shape and color combinations.


The photos I took of Times Square that I found the most interest in were photos that displayed vast walls/billboards. What I think is cool about Times Square is the fact that it is composed of a bunch of bright walls and posters that would otherwise be blank.


To help me better understand perspective, I attempted to create some perspective drawings – first from 1 point, then from 2.


Finally, I was able to create an image that is the complete opposite of Times Square: Blank walls like canvases and calm, bland colors.