Thing From the Future Concepts

Concept 1: Tree Tank Mask


My first concept for an object from the future is a filter mask of sorts connected with tubes to another headpiece, of which finally connects to a tank with a small tree/plant inside. Two smaller tubes will emerge from both sides of the mask and connect to the back head piece, and a bigger tube will connect to the tank. The idea is that the tree inside will create fresh oxygen for the wearer in a dystopian future where air pollution has gotten so bad that breathing air is near impossible, potentially harmful. A valve could be attached to the tank that can be opened to consume CO2 from outside for the tree.

Concept 2: First Aid Spray


My second concept for an object is a first aid spray that releases foam that immediately solidifies and seals the wound to prevent further bleeding. A pin can be attached to the side, of which needs to be pulled to release the chemical inside and allow a person to use the spray. The top part can be a large trigger of sorts that requires a full hand to use. It’s big and bulky, as well as difficult to use, because it’s mainly intended to be utilized by trained professionals who need a quick solution to seal the wound during an emergency situation.

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