Our Interview with Her

On a Monday, we were lucky enough to have met this lady in Washington Square Park. Before the interview, she was reading a novel. After we asked her if she would like to help us on our school project, she smiled, “Yes! I would do that. ”

We asked her if she was satisfied with the current world. She looked surprised, “I mean, you would be crazy if you are!” She then told us about how only two penguins out of 3000 survived through a moving, and how racism still exist in a lot of places. Moreover, “if you did not happen to read that particular news or article, you would not even know about them! It is horrible! ” She introduced her personal knowledge and opinions about these problems to us very patiently. We did not asked many questions but focused on listening to her. Her genuine love towards human and animals are very inspiring to me.

Later we got to know that she was a teacher before. It did not surprise me that she gave us an amazing “lecture” at the park!

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