Brunch Square-Our Bridge 3 Project

For this project, we went the Washington Square Park as a group and interviewed more than 10 people. Based on our conversations with them and their background, experiences, and stories, we designed this fictional brunch for them.

We feel that in New York such a fast-paced city,  where people usually do not really bond with or care about people around them. Everyday, in Washington Square Park, people just pass by without getting to know each other. People may never see each other again in their lifetime. If people are more willing to take the action to speak to strangers, or are willing to have serendipity, there may be so many interesting and moving experience. People would actually love it. Thus, we imagine ourself as an event planning company who caters a brunch party for all the people that we interviewed.

We imagined to have all the people who we interviewed to the brunch and give them a chance to know each other. We designed their plates and cups according to their personality, hobbies, experience, and by our understandings of them. The colors, imagined texture, and figures on the plates and of the tableware are reflections of the interviewees. Everyone gets a unique plate, which also comes with a cup and a sleeve that has a portrait of him/her. On the other side of the cup sleeves, there are their quotes or short sentences that represent them.


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