assignment 1

this assignment is about 9 object we pick. by using some ways to make them seems important or not.

For my sketches. I used detail and value to express how much they were important to me. in the picture the Teddy Bear is the most important one for me. So I add a lot of texture and value of it. That part is the most developed part in the whole drawing. Second on is the computer, I made the scene really dark; as the darkest part of the drawing to makes it as a visual point. The third on is the candle. It’s most near by and have the most clear shadow to shows that one is important.

I really enjoys the process by add the shadow and value can makes one object more 3D. And also how to put the object to make the picture balance is really interesting.

Also I found out it’s really hard to express the degree between the stuff I like. So probably next time I will try to add more technology to make the whole drawing more interesting.

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