week 3

I think this person is a student and about 23 years old. I feel she isn’t an undergraduate student. She isn’t the type of girls pays a lot of attention on dressing up. Only did some simple makeup and wear normal clothes. Sneakers, jeans, a white sweater, and black parka. She didn’t wear any accessories, she didn’t wear a necklace, earing. She acts closely to the man next to her. They hugged, the man holds her hand while they were waiting for food. I think they were dating.

Firstly she didn’t look really young and the way she communicates with the waiter makes me feel she already stay here for a long time. Also, she didn’t have anything in her outfit are expensive. All of them are just normal stuff. It makes me feel she already go to work so that she cannot afford too much expensive stuff. Or she isn’t really young but still studying, so she doesn’t want to spend a lot of parents money on dressing up.


In Berger’s paragraph, he believes ”the way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe.” I agree with his sentence. I’m the type of persons love dressing up and I’m in fashion major. So when I look at somebody, I will more likely to analysis them by how they dress, what kind of accessories they have and what type of makeup they put on. And I feel according to her outfit I can make a guess of what type of major and how old she is. Fulton mentioned, ”seek inspiration from everyday interactions.” I feel over looking at how she acts with others I can have a feeling which type of person he is. Also, I did try to pay more attention in small detail.

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