week 6

  1. The riverside smells like hot bread and butter. There is a Starbucks next to the riverside, every time I pass there the sweet smell of bread will around me.
  2. The road cross has really large wind. Every morning when I passed by I feels I was pushing away from the road. Once there is a big snow, The wind is so cold and has the sharp ice snow in it. It immediately made me wake up.
  3. The side of the river was made of stones. It has a great comparison between the modern street. I have clear memories of it because when I was unhappy, I will always seat at the side and I will put my feet on the stones.
  4. I can see the building of the middle town of New York from the riverside. It’s just across the river from NY. That’s the most romantic place I ever seem since I come to NY. I can see the lights and feels the modern of the city while I was living in a complete different place.
  5. That place is super quiet at night. The chair next to me is always empty, especially at night. I have a hobby of taking a walk after eating dinner. I will always see some couple walk around together.
  6. The air around there are fresh. It doesn’t smell salty like the beach. Just humidity and chill. Some times I can smell the plants. After they tidy the grass of the park od the apartment.
  7. I rarely hear the sound of the car. I can feel how busy the city across the river is, but the street in New Jersy are quite. Because of this, I once hear the sound of houseboat slide across the water.
  8. On the morning, there are a lot of people because there is a subway station right in front of it. Tones of people rushing to the train station and the office building next to it. This neighborhood feels nothing different from NY.
  9. The street is new and clean. It looks like Beijing a lot. The street is larger and there aren’t any homeless people. I feel safe around here.
  10. The view of my apartment is pretty. Because we face the river and it’s the tallest building around there.I can see the whole picture of the sky and the building in NY.

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