bridge 2

this piece is a makeup bag I made for my partner Evelyn. I picked the soft outside as the representative of Evelyn’s personality. She is a girlish and soft girl. Also, she really likes makeup. I consider that makeup can show the relationship between Evelyn and the environment. Putting on makeup can help her feel more confident or help her change her mood. And this an “outfit” I made for her make up stuff. I hope the color can fit her style to make it become part of her out looking.

the color is all the color Evelyn pick for her makeup and the bubble on it represent the sparkle element she likes.

I first make a sketch of a makeup bag and then I chose the color that I feel the best fit with Evelyn. Because I want she can bring it with her every day as an outfit of her makeup. I make it useable. Then I tried to ass some decoration which is like sparkles on her makeup.

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