week 8


No one is Immortal

Tracy is the mom of Andrew. She is a great doctor who studies at improving people’s immunity. Andrew was born in bad condition. He always gets a fever and other diseases. All the doctor feels Andrew can’t make to 5 years old. Tracy was heartbroken about this. So at the 4 years old birthday of Andrew Tracy decide to stole the medician she made and gave Andrew as the last try. Tracy afraid others find it out so she put it in the bread and let Andrew eat them. Her coworker finds out that she stole the medician and She wents to jail because of it. Tracy was afraid that people find out Andrew took the medician and make him as an experiment. So she sends him away from greek to American. Andrew remembers nothing about her mom while he has grown up. The only thing he knows is that he is really healthy. He is tougher than normal people. He never got sick since he took the medician. Even his wounds can hill faster. The scientist of the program later finds out there is some negative side of the medician. It’s drinking alcohol will make him dead. But nobody tells Andrew this. He healthy grew up to 21. When he goes to the pool party, he was submerged in the atmosphere. The pretty light and shadow refect from the water, the music and everybody was so exciting. But he didn’t drink that day because he drives a car with him. However, he wasn’t that fortune all the time. He drinks a cup of cocktail while he was waiting for his friends in the bar. His friends find he was already passed away when they have arrived.

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