Assignment BRIDGE 4: Research-led Design

design brief

I made a reach about how do the toys included kids while they were growing up. There is a video called why are toys important really influenced me. as mentioned, toys are sometimes imagined as a friend by people. It’s a process for them to self-nurture. the toys are a symbol of the softness and kindness deep in their heart. so I want to make a toy that is soft, huggable, warm and accompanies. which everyone can see it as their loyalist friend that you can speak out your secrete and negative emotion. at the same time, you can huge it while you are sleeping and let it accompany by your side. I want people cna be close to this toy, to treat it as a people with mind and emotions.

the design process

according to my theme, I made a sketch first which is a sleepy lemon. I made this character like this to make it seem soft and sweet. I want to use some bright and soft color to create a lemon’s fresh feeling. Also, I want to make a small nose at the side to add some cuteness to her. Then I bought some soft and huggable fabric for the final making part. for the inside, I fulfilled it with cotton to make it soft. I also add a small heart and brain in it to create it as a human. A friend with emotion. And she has a long arm so that she can hug you and also the leave cna be untied to make it more playful. I also made a tag for this toy to makes it more complete.

research notes 

 final piece


The sewing part isn’t really fluence at the beginning and I also changed my patter after I used muslin to make a polo-type. which took me a lot of time. but thing turns good as I finished. I feel it is closed to what I want. And this project really helped me improved my sewing skill. Also, the research part helped me find a deeper meaning before I made the project. I feel the research led design is a good way I will consider keep using.

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