Assignment BRIDGE 5: Presentations

for the first porject, we made 3 souvenirs, I first make a sketch about the memories of our selves. and then used apps to make a 3d object online.

for the second project, I made an object about my partner. I prepared questions for Evelyn and according to their personality, I made a makeup bag for her. Because she loves make up a lot so I made this bag as an outfit of her makeup and hopes she can use it.

for my third project, we work as a group to make a vedio. we picked ktown together and made this vedio for who like to explore a new place and for those traveling to here.

according to my theme, I made a sketch first which is a sleepy lemon. I made this character like this to make it seem soft and sweet. I want to use some bright and soft color to create a lemon’s fresh feeling. Also, I want to make a small nose at the side to add some cuteness to her. Then I bought some soft and huggable fabric for the final making part. for the inside, I fulfilled it with cotton to make it soft. I also add a small heart and brain in it to create it as a human. A friend with emotion. And she has a long arm so that she can hug you and also the leave cna be untied to make it more playful. I also made a tag for this toy to makes it more complete.

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