For this semester, we write a lot of story from the differnet point of view. As a memory, as a story or as an introduction for a place in the city. for the bridge project 4 we write a paper before we made our artifacts. The researches part helped me find a deeper meaning before I made the project. I feel the research led design is a good way I will consider keep using. Also making a mind map is the part I feels most useful after I take this class.

the seminar class really helped me to learns things from a differnt point of view. Also, I feel every week’s assignment are fun. Because I didn’t like writing at before but letting me writing a story or an experience about myself makes it more interesting.

Writing about the invisible city is the one I learn a lot from. We read a lot and prepared a lot before we head into the assignment. Them we write about the city then we change it into a story of a person. At last, we make it as a book. I feel really satisfied as I see the final book.

I overall felt improved my writing skill and I learned more about the research skill.

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