Bridge 1 studio

My experience of creating your own tool (loom) from scratch.

At first, I used the thread which creates the loom to make a texture on it. then I add plastic on it to create some transparent base. after that, I started to add color on it. I really enjoy the process of creating this loom. The repeating step makes me relax while making my own design add more interest to it. the process of making it is easy to follow so that I can create the thing I want.

My material decisions: What material did you decide to use and why? How does the material relate to your poem?

I decided to use the thread which creates the basis of the loom because I like that color a lot and for my poem, it gives an undecided and blue feeling so I want the color to be pure and unite. also when people see it instead of looking at the color they will consider the texture on the loom first.

I also used purple, blue and black color yard because there is a paragraph in my poem mentioned the way I consider what chaos is. I feel it’s like the color of the sky so I added those color I mentioned in my poem into the loom to express my emotion.

I also used the plastic bag in the loom because I feel undecide and concern when I was writing this poem. the transparent t color of plastic bag can express this part of the emotion and the knot on the loom create a chaos feel.

my Poem

Aurora exist, cloud and chaos;

Tracy exist, jelly and bubble;

Sky exist, rose and lemon;


Inspiration comes with hard work

Dream exist, dream exist

It runs away, vanishing in the night

Haze enfold me


Morning of May 12th, birthday party

First time in my life

The evening of March 3rd, the first night

In here, set

Overnight, wake up


Lie, soft and cold, the sound of charcoal

Getting angry to me, bring me down

Wakeup, tomorrow is still raining


If inspiration exist,

Is it here?

I want, I create

Like the string on the running kate

Like salt add in the water of the fishbowl

I can see, I can’t touch

Said I’m not impossible to touch


Blue and purple merge, chaos

A dirt color comes with the morning

Pushed me, packed up, run away

Smile before cry

Things were made and destroyed

Like the light from the phone in the midnight

Process photos of creating your piece.

Final image of this work photographed with a white background.

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