Fashion studies Post #1 Yuqing Zhang

Fashion is intensely personal, in the same way, that poetry is intensely personal. It’s a medium through which personal stories can be told, memories re-lived and futures foretold.


In my own words, Fashion is about emotion and personal experience. It’s similar to personality. Fashion products made by different people are different. Also, Fashion can represent a thing from every time. It can represent the past, now, and future.

I feel strongly agree with this aphorisms. What makes our design unique is our self-identity. We put our emotions, memories, and personality into our design to give our design a rich background, which makes our design more meaningful. Also, making a design for a social issue is a big part. (The issue or attitude from the past, now or future.) I feel sometimes people cannot merely judge Fashion just by whether it’s nice-looking or not. It’s more about meaning. By using personal attitude and experience, More and more people felt related and touched. 

In the reading, it said that now people are easily fulfilled by the lower price and trend but not the quality and pleasure. I feel this is a problem for the fashion industry. Stop thinking design is drawing. It should be more. I believe adding emotion and attitude into the design is the step of adding quality. 


Fashion does not define. It is instead a tern that demands definition.


Fashion is special. It doesn’t have a definition, or it’s hard to have a definition. So that’s why it needs a definition.

I first thought I disagree with this aphorisms. For me, Fashion always means not being defined or make your definition. We all trying to jump out of the box. But maybe because not having a definition stopped us or caused a lot of problems.

In the reading it mentioned, fashion student is influenced by the star designer and luxury brand, which is true. I feel I was influenced by those successful designer or trendy style too much. That sometimes I was afraid to be myself. I found some of my design is not in my style but into a style that others may like.

So I think maybe having a definition of Fashion can give the industry a new life. We were being out of the box for so long, and the fashion industry is kind of going to the road that people initially don’t want. To make Fashion purer and far away from fame and money.


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