Drawing and Imaging: Permutations

Formation and Response to Parameters

Yuri Kawada

Brainstorming Ideas

For my part 1 of the Parameters assignment, I cut out into 5×5 inch square on black construction paper and attached white lines of construction paper on top.

I explored the permutations with the two designs I originally created using a tracing paper. For part 2 of this assignment, we had limitations to which we were only allowed to reflect, rotate, shorten the length of the lines, or switch the black and white colors. I decided to experiment with these given limitations.

We then had to translate our tracing paper designs to the 6 square illustrator template. As I was translating the design to my illustrator I made a few minor changes to remove the unwanted elements from my previous design. The design I started to create gave me an idea of a heartbeat on a monitor screen.

As our last part of the assignment, we were given a chance to create our own limitations and I chose color and the number of lines on top of each other. I decided to combine the ‘thin lines’ and the ‘thick lines’ in order to create a more dramatic heartbeat diagram. Hence, I chose the color gray in order to be consistent with the black and white tone. The lines touching on the edges of each side indicates a cropped image. Hence, I decided to increase the number of squares (24 squares) in order to display a pattern with a bigger picture.

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