Integrative Studio 1: Bridge 1 Project

For my bridge 1 project, I was assigned to the Grand Ferry Park in Williamsburg. In relation to my integrative seminar, I wrote two types of memoirs with my five senses – simulated and real journey. Through this memoir, I created a video of my journey to the Grand Ferry Park, including my simulated and real thoughts. My simulated journey was touching on the ideas from my imagination before visiting the location. Before going to my location, I personally thought Grand Ferry park would be surrounded by the green nature and warmth. Travelling farther away from Manhattan, I thought Brooklyn’s borough would give a more countryside atmosphere with less chaos and people. In contrast to my simulated journey, my real journey was entirely different from my expectations. Grand Ferry Park was unusually well-known to many foreigners and visitors and the nature was not fully present in the moment I arrived due to the cold winter season. I was inspired by the movie 500 days of Summer as part of our homework and thus I wanted to display the contrast between my simulated and real journeys utilizing the video effects, transition, and filters.

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