Integrative Seminar: Bridge 1 Final Draft + Reflection

Yuri Kawada

February 15, 2018

Bridge 1: Final – Simulated Journey

Grand Ferry Park, Williamsburg

[623 words]


Cars and buses honking at one another from block to block, and varying accents of english spoken amongst family and friends – Manhattan. The city that never sleeps. Manhattan is conserved with a unique culture. But, Brooklyn is another story. Beep! The yellow hued taxi stained from yesterday’s rain was gleaming at my eyes. The driver fervently asked, “Where to, miss?” “Grand Ferry Park, please.” As I got farther and farther away from the chaotic borough of Manhattan, I finally saw Brooklyn’s tranquility and calmness over the East River. The nostalgic memories of my countryside hometown in Japan struck right at me. I remember when my dad would always drive through the coasts of Yokosuka, Japan. I would always be mesmerized by the contrasting gradients of the blue ocean mixed with a tint of orange and pink hue reflected by the glaring fire sunset. The East River gave me reminiscence of my hometown.

As I stepped out of the taxi, the green nature contained in the Grand Ferry Park gave me a whole different sensation in comparison to Manhattan. The firm, stainless metal bench enclosed by the nourishing greenery bushes and trees created the countryside environment of New York City. The sun blazing with all its luminous light was a perfect day for a picnic. I can vision my best friends, Mina and Emmy, and I sitting on a layer of red and white checkered lines pleasantly eating our classic korean seasonal fruits – apples, strawberries, dates, and tangerines. As I deeply inhaled the air of Brooklyn, I sensed a new layer of fresh oxygen rejuvenating my body. Not only was the air fresh, but I could also see the stereotypical skyline of New York City and its concentrated buildings towering each other within its compacted space. The grey monotone rocks neatly piled against the firm pathway somewhat representing me. Growing up in a conservative family, I was always a beige or gray; never a prime color that catches people’s eyes. “Don’t cause any trouble. Just do as other kids do and don’t draw any attention to yourself.” This was my motto throughout my younger years.

Natalie Andersen. Her enthralling ocean blue eyes and her patchy eyebrows caught my attention. The name tag attached to her black Jansport bag was announcing to the public. She had an oversized black hoodie with black high knee boots. I could be assured that her favorite color was black. From a distance, I could hear Natalie flipping through the pages of her notebook, a pocket-sized sparrow chirping monotonously, and a brown chocolate covered poodle strolling along the concrete pathway. It was a music to my ears. As I sat down on the unsteady wooden bench, a golden retriever, Charlotte, scurried contentedly towards me with its long silky golden fur. The owner tried to yank its sturdy leash to prevent Charlotte from attacking me. “Sorry about that.” He apologizes. Yet, I didn’t think Charlotte was bothering me in any way. She brought the joy and amusement to this journey. Charlotte’s heavy breathing from running around the park and her pink rose tongue was overflowing with adorability. As people started to surround Charlotte, she was the cynosure of everyone and I was a nonentity in the crowd.

At dusk, the sun started to set with its transitioning gradients of yellow to a red pastel mauve. The cold, chilly wind gradually began to numb my fingers. The darkness overpowering the sun didn’t stop the liveliness of Manhattan’s horizon. Whether the sun was present or not, the city lights of Manhattan brought warmth to me. The cotton candy sky fading into the darkness on top of the two boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn was a unseen treasure to me – Grand Ferry Park.


Yuri Kawada

Bridge 1 Seminar Reflection

For my final draft, I intended to give the readers a drastic difference between Manhattan and Brooklyn, and my nostalgic memories. On the other hand, my real journey to the Grand Ferry Park was no different between the two boroughs. Hence, I decided to use my five senses to create a sentimental essay because the nostalgic memories came from my childhood memories that I cherish since I was a young girl, and this brings out the culture and background from me. In the process of writing my simulated journey, I had realized that it was difficult for me to write the imaginative journey in specific detail with my five senses, because my resources were limited to pictures and maps from the internet. However, my real journey essay was more comfortable to write upon the real experience when I had visited my location. I was able to exactly know my five senses, especially what I was able to see at the Grand Ferry Park. As part of our final draft, I was given options to choose either my simulated or real journey. As a result, I decided to revise my simulated journey because I thought that it had a more drastic change from the start of my journey to the end in contrast to my alternate essay. From revising my essay, I frequently used “it”, “she”, or “her”, which resulted a lot of my sentences to be general and unclear. For this reason, I replaced “it”, “she”, or “her” with nouns. For example, the sentence “Her heavy breathing from running around the park and her pink rose tongue was overflowing with adorability.” I didn’t know who “she” was and thus, I replaced “her” with the dog’s name, “Charlotte”. Another revision was my last sentence of the essay. I wanted to make my last sentence to be a strong powerful statement. Hence, deleted the sentence “Riding my taxi back home, I never felt more satisfied than what could be seen in the unseen treasure of Grand Ferry Park.” and added “- Grand Ferry Park” in my previous sentence to make my simulated journey essay with a more meaningful end.

In this project, I took the risk to create my own imaginative character in my simulated journey essay because the given assignment directions were too general, and I had no self-assurance of the details of my character. Therefore, I had to use my own imaginative source that would fit the setting of Grand Ferry Park. My written simulated essay in Seminar was tough for me to obtain the footages I wanted in my video for Studio class because it was all coming from my imagination of the Grand Ferry Park. However, I was able to overcome this problem by using the Adobe Premiere Pro video effects I learned from class. My real journey was easier to obtain the footage and I was able to write the essay with confidence because I knew what Grand Ferry Park was actually like. From this point onward, I hope to improve on my creative thinking and ideas as a writer and a creator in order to express a stronger context in my future essays.

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