Drawing and Imaging: Shapes

Before moving onto the nude model drawing, our class was advised to explore the still life objects as part of our second Drawing and Imaging project. On a newsprint paper, I drew the outlines of the still life object with no shading or tone. From this outline drawing, I took a picture and used the drawing as my template on the Adobe Illustrator. I used the shape tool in order to create different shapes on my illustrator. As I followed the outlines of my shapes with the shape tool, I noticed that some of my outlines were inaccurate or unproportional to the still life objects. Hence, I decided to change the sizes of the objects or add lines.

The next step was to experiment with the thickness of the lines depending on what was closer or farther from the audience’s eyes. This was to help me identify the placings of the objects. Thus, I created the closer objects to have thicker lines and farther objects to have thin lines. From this step, I was able to easily notice the objects in a three-dimensional perspective. Then, I added a gray scale color to notice the tone of the object relying on where the light came from. The third picture below involves letters, which was an optional step to this project. Personally, the letters attached to the shapes did not look three dimensional to me, so I decided to remove the alphabet letters to create a more 3D look.

The last step was to add the tone and shadows of the objects to make the artwork complete. Using the gradient tool, I applied different shades of grey to each and every object. The shadows gave depth and a realistic effect on the objects. I cropped the artboard to 18x 18 in order to have a complete composition with no negative space. I thought the cropped image gave a bigger focus on the shapes without the negative space. As I added the shadows of the still life objects, I noticed that I was only adding the shadows to the ground. Additionally, the brightest part of the objects started to mesh with color of the background due to the similar grey color scheme. Thus, I added more shadows to the objects to create a ‘still life’ artwork as well as made the background color a little darker than the objects to create the objects a “glowy” look. In comparison to the very first step, I was able to see the dramatic changes from a two dimensional still life to a three dimensional piece.


Final Draft

Final Piece with no cropping

Cropped 18×18

After my final critique, I made the background darker to make the white objects stand out.

Cropped 18×18 Final Piece

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