Drawing/ Imaging: Micro/ Macro Drawing



This was a one week project. We were told to find a Micro (close up view) and a Macro (arial view) image and sketch one of the image with our H, HB and B pencils. I was strongly intrigued by the micro image of the Intestinal Villi than the arial view of the town because of its smooth, floating texture. Using my knowledge from the previous Shape project, I decided to use my HB and B pencil kit to create shadows and depth to produce a realistic drawing of the micro image. I decided to crop the image to produce a more wholesome and active spaced drawing for the final documentation. As I observed closely at the image, I realized that every villi had its own different size, shape, and shadow. As a result, I used my 2B and 4B pencils for the villus closer to the audience’s view, HB and H pencils for the villus farther away from the audience. I also used 6B pencil for the shadows created by the villi on top of the other villi to create a a sense of where the light is hitting on the object (villi).

Final Documentation

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