Space/ Materiality: Inhabited Space Description and Reflection

Inhabited Space Project Description

As for my research, I found pictures of architectural houses based on sustainability. When I want to get inspiration, I usually go on Pinterest to help start my project. When I researched architectural buildings on sustainability, majority of the images had greenery and nature. For this reason, I wanted the outside of my structure to involve greenery to symbolize sustainability and communal space. My structure has the function to create a communal space for laundry room. Many people don’t have laundry rooms or washing machines in their homes. Hence, I wanted to make a communal space that uses rainwater efficiently for people to wash their clothes whenever they want to use the laundry machines. I decided to create an inverted structure of a roof top to easily collect the rainwater. From the inverted roof top, the rainwater goes through a pipe which leads into the washing machines. The inverted roof-top is transparent for the people to be aware of the weather as well as to receive sunlight to dry their clothes. In the exterior space, it will involve a park atmosphere for the people rest or hang out with other people. I have chosen to use a traditional korean pattern to indicate my cultural background as an artist. Additionally, I have chosen mute colors, but different types of textures (soft, hard, and rough) to demonstrate a unique structure of a laundry room and the space of “home for everyone”. This structure is situated in a rural area in Korea, because it rains a lot during this time of the year – monsoon season. I have used the pattern images to show nature to indicate freedom and open space. 

Inhabited Space Project Self-Assessment/Reflection

The strength of my project is the structure is very solid and the mechanical connections are very stable. This helps to keep the structure in place and not fall apart. However, for this project, I would like to improve on working more at the woodshop and also finding more ways to connect pieces together without using glue. On the bright side, I think the plexi glass helped the structure to stand out, especially the neon green plexiglass because it reflected the grass pattern on the base and this helped the structure to unify as one. Personally, I thought cutting the windows was difficult because I am inexperienced with cutting wood as well as cutting wood starting from the middle. This lead to the some parts of the windows to be rigid and uneven. However, I used the file kit and sandpaper to smooth out the edges.


Rate yourself from 1-5 (1 being low, 5 being high) on how you have resolved the following project grading criteria:

The construction details are well resolved, the cuts are clean, edges are smooth, the craft is refined overall. [5]

The solution to the Inhabited Space structure concept is creative and engaging. [5]

The interior space is clearly developed and the intended function is clearly evident. [5]

The surrounding exterior environment is indicated [5]

Mechanical connections are clearly thought out and are aesthetically well resolved. [5]

The photo collage elements are thoughtfully integrated and carefully adhered to their supporting surfaces. [5]

A variety of sheet metal, Plexiglas, and cardboard is utilized. [5]

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