Drawing/ Imaging: Color Pattern

Moving forward from the black and white colors, we began to work with color and the color theory. For our context, our professor gave us a color wheel to identify the colors on illustrator. I was able to learn the different compatible colors through complement, split complement, triad, tetrad, hexad, and analogous. From this knowledge, we were asked to find a pattern on the internet and crop to a 5″x7″ image. I used a pen tool to trace the image, duplicate the pattern by reflecting the pattern vertically or horizontally, and fill in the shapes with colors. The image below is the original image of the pattern.


I chose split complementary colors (blue, violet, yellow) as my swatch palette. Our main purpose of this project was to show transparency between each pattern by playing with the chosen colors. I wanted the horizontal lines to unify as one pattern and thus, I reflect each pattern to join with the other patterns to appear as continuous waves. However, I wanted the squares to be separate from each other by showing contrast from light to dark.

Final Documentation

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