Drawing/ Imaging: Pattern/ Figure Composition

Prior to our drawing session, we were informed to make a grayscale tone from light to dark with our photographs. I found different shades of gray from objects on the streets of New York City. After collecting the photos, I compiled all of the photographs in the order from lightest to darkest on photoshop. For the part 3 of the project, I made a hand drawn pattern by adding the same zig-zag line on the paper to create another grayscale. I will be using the grayscale to create a figure composition.

In preparation for our nude composition, we asked the models to do 5, 10, and 15 second poses as well as 1, 5, and 15 minute poses. As our professor gave us more time to observe and draw, I was able to pay attention to the little details and refine my drawing with the compressed charcoal. In our last nude model drawing session, the teacher gave us 45-50 minutes to draw the model to move on to our final part of the project – that is, the collage of the model with our grayscale.

The final part of the project was to scan the drawing and set the image as a template on photoshop. Using the grayscale, I used a lasso tool to input the lightest pattern on the part where the model is receiving the most light and using the darkest patter on the area where the model is receiving the least light in the drawing. As the figure composition was in progress, I was able to learn and realize the mistakes I have made in my drawing and refine them.

Final Documentation

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