Bridge 5 – Semester Reflection

Yuri Kawada

Bridge 5: Semester Reflection

Integrative Seminar 1

May 10, 2018


1. Reflect on the hopes and fears/worries you expressed during the first class session. Which hopes have been fulfilled this semester? Unfulfilled? Which fears or worries did you overcome, and which still remain?

On the first day of class session, my hope was to improve writing as a writer and my fear was presenting in front of the class. Looking back at my semester, I think the five bridge projects allowed me to become a better writer as well as overcoming the fear of presentations by being comfortable with my classmates through the bridge group  projects.

2. How has your relationship to writing, reading, art, design, and making changed over the course of the semester?

Over the course of the semester, I felt an improvement in creative writing using the 5 senses and imagery. Additionally, reading the numerous types of text helped me understand better by the talking notes assignment. As for the art making, it was difficult to cope with other people in the group because everyone has their own type of medium that they are comfortable and experienced with. Hence, deciding on the final piece was difficult at first. However, with the two group projects, I developed how to communicate and hear out ideas from others and overcome those problems as a group.

3. What have you discovered about the relationship between making, thinking, and writing?

From the five bridge projects, I realized that the relationship between making, thinking, and writing, are closely related to each other. As we make our own individual art piece, the writing portion allowed me to think deeper into what meaning the artwork can have. Additionally, I think the art making helped me to be creative in my writing as well. Art is a creative field, which helped the creative writing and art making unify as a whole.

4. How did mistakes or failed attempts at making and developing your Studio and Seminar projects lead you into new directions and open up new possibilities?

The failed attempts at making and developing my studio and seminar projects helped me have an outlet for using different types of materials and mediums in replacement of the failed attempts. In my bridge 2 project, the muslin material did not stick onto the lights properperly. We tried to solve this problem with different type of fabric (silk) and sew the wired lights and the silk together. As a result, the sewing the two materials together worked out for our group. I struggled in the writing portion of my very first bridge project because I wanted an eye shocking climax of the story. However, I was unable to be creative enough in the story. The countless readings we were given in class helped me to be creative and be inspired by its story.

5. What risks did you take this semester? Why? Which risks did you decide against taking? Why? (Please be as specific as possible.)

This semester I took the risk to share my mistakes, especially in group projects. Brainstorming our ideas, it was difficult to cope with five artists in our bridge 3 project because all of our ideas were utterly different from each other and it was difficult deciding how to solve this problem. Thus, I decided that I will not speak without thinking through to my group because I want to also take the risk to show respect and support to my group mates’ ideas. I thought that this way it will help solve the problem easier.

6. What pursuits, interests, and goals have you discovered this semester, and how did your course work lead you to these discoveries? What do you hope to pursue further in the future?

As a communication major, I was able to learn more and familiarize with the adobe programs (photoshop and premiere pro) and these techniques were learned from the bridge projects we have had. Learning the different techniques on the adobe program make my interest towards communication design/ graphic design grow bigger. I think it is interesting to see the different outcomes that an art piece can have through the different tools. Hence, I hope that these techniques will be useful in the near future of my classes and my career as a designer.

7. How, specifically, do you feel you can continue to grow as a maker and writer? What would be helpful for your continued growth?

As a maker and writer, I will continue to grow by taking the course Integrative Studio and Seminar 2 in the near future. Not only the courses provided at Parsons, but also reading regularly about the texts related to art. This will help me to think creatively, which will assist me to grow as an artist. Majoring in communication design, I will be working a lot with printmaking, adobe illustrator, indesign, and photoshop. This will help me continue to grow as a maker through my specific major leading to my future career as a designer.

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