Integrative Studio: Bridge 5

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The Piano Lesson by Henri Matisse. The painting depicts his son, Pierre Matisse endlessly playing a piano. Henri Matisse wanted Pierre Matisse to be a professional musician artist that Henri always wanted to be. However, the Piano Lesson was Henri Matisse’s apology to Pierre for the rigorous times of forcing Pierre to practice playing piano.

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Bridge 4 Project-

For my bridge 4 project, I made a graphic visual with photoshop. My artwork depicts a part Henri Matisse’s memory dedicated to Pierre Matisse playing a piano. Hence, the idea of memory and Pierre’s distorted face symbolizes the idea of memories fading away. I not only wanted to convey the idea of Henri Matisse’s memory of Pierre fading away but also Pierre’s emotions fuming of frustration and fatigue. I simply gathered the face of the figure to complete a one unified collage. Using the paint brush tool, I meshed the defined lines between each face fading away to the background. I wanted the face to also have distortion but also allowing the viewers to recognize the face, similar to Henri Matisse’s painting of Pierre’s distorted face.

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These are the process photos I took of my friend, Avery.

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Final piece is called Fading Away”

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The future of your work

1. If you could continue your pieces how would your projects develop?

If I could continue my pieces, I could possibly print my artwork in a big panel and add stitches or 3D materials to make the artwork more eye catching.

2. Did you learn anything about yourself and way of making this semester?

Throughout this semester, I worked with different mediums and I found difficult sewing fabric to design a clothing (bridge 2). However, working with Premiere Pro, which I have never used before, I enjoy making videos now and I hope to continue making a graphic visual through premiere pro.

3. What medium do you think you will continue with?

I will continue using adobe photoshop and illustrator because it will be helpful as a communication design major.

4. What themes and concepts will you continue with?

I will continue using the theme of bold colors that are subtle and unify as one artwork with the idea of abstraction.

These are some of the previous artworks that I have done prior to attending Parsons.

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