Drawing/ Imaging: Accordion Fold Booklet

The final project for this course was to create a booklet that involves a story from start to end. Additionally, there are different types of folds to create a book, such as accordion fold, gate fold, roll fold, and facing page fold. Thus, I wanted to create a story about my journey to St. Marks. Over the past four months, I have made memorable memories with my friends at St. Marks the most. For this reason, I wanted to show the different aspects of the shops along the street to make a one unified panorama.

These are the pictures that I have taken at St. Marks:


To make a booklet, we were informed to utilize another adobe program (InDesign) from the programs that we have been using in the past (illustrator and photoshop). Using a new adobe program, it overwhelmed me at first. However, I was able to quickly familiarize with the tools that were very similar to adobe Illustrator.

First Iteration

As for my first iteration, I wanted to separate text from the images to give the value and importance of the text and image individually. However, I felt that it had made the text and the image too distant from each other, which made the booklet prevent from unite as one. Through this, I decided to keep the images but change the color and style and the format of the text.

Second Iteration

As a result, I decided to balance out the image and the text facing the outside of the booklet. I added additional images of the shops at St. Marks and removed my name and make the letters of the booklet become a pattern of the image between 2D and 3D.

Final – Mock up Booklet



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