Integrative Seminar 2: Response to Davis


“contravened the unisex, de-gendered associations the garment initially held for many”

This quote suggests that blue jeans were made in the purpose of both female and male, which broke the idea that women had to always wear skirts or dresses with uncomfortable heels. I found this statement interesting because gender identification is an important factor in our school community and denim jeans has helped us to break the lines between what women and men can or cannot wear. Thus, it allows women and men to be comfortable in their denim jeans in today’s society.

“There are no distinctions of wealth or status”

In order words, the sentence states that it breaks the divisions between who is wealthier that the other, which raises ambiguity. I strongly agree that blue denim jeans has helped us shape the society we are today because people should be treated equally with no favoritism or bias. Additionally, denim jeans are found everywhere and they are inexpensive and high quality of fashion in today’s world.

“Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel shapes a classic suit from blue and white denim”

This quote similarly explains that Lagerfeld has helped us break the uncomfortable clothing for women into leisure and elegant clothing at the same time. Hence, I can relate to this quote because the famous poster of Audrey Hepburn in a simple black dress was one of the many significant clothing that had changed the way of people vision and thoughts on fashion. Hence, today many clothing lines and stores are operating and design new clothing for the motive of comfortable clothing

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