Sustainable Systems: Design Idea #1 – Activating Urban Spaces

For this project, I decided to focus on rainwater and activating the space in Union Square Park. Similar to the Highline, the rainwater is collected from the bridge (indicated in blue) and the drain flows down to the steps under the bridge and is connected to the artificial river – that is, watered towards the plants and trees. At the same time, the river can be interacted with the people for leisure and relaxation for the purpose of a “park”. The people are also able to walk on the “high line” with the railing bars for protection. This indicates a social system between the park and the people as well as the water is watered to the trees making the space sustainable.

Process Photos 

The outline of the city buildings

The trees indicating the Union Sq. Park

The highline and the union sq. station as well as the steps are integrated into the digital image.

Rough draft of the river

I decided to use the color blue to indicate how the water is flowed throughout the park

Final Documentation

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