Integrative Studio 2: Gift Project

Prior to the gift project, our professor had given us a photograph of the George Washington Square park. We were informed to interpret and analyze the photo from the people surrounding the park, the trees, and the sun. Additionally, we were shown a video on biases and assumptions because people tend to give stereotypes or misunderstand the interpretations of other people and is never aware of oneself’s biases. This video helped me to realize and beware of the cognitive biases when analyzing my partner’s photos. Next part of the project was to bring in 10 of our own photographs from social media and swap our photographs with our partner. We then stuck the photographs onto a white sheet of paper and began to observe and interpret our partner’s photos.

From the ten photos, it was clear to me that Penny likes the color pink. Additionally, the nails, collage, and the group photo with her friends symbolizes youth and innocence, which I thought of the perfect gift for her – that is, a flower. Since this project required a hand made gift, I decided to paper craft a rose origami as well as a plastic Glossier bag and a paper magazine to wrap the rose. I decided to use a white paper for the rose because I wanted to symbolize Penny’s photo of her photoshoot being the white angel.

Final Documentation

The Gift I received –

I received a decorated post card as a gift from my partner. I think the gift reflected my identity pretty well because I like colorful and decorative objects. Moreover, I like girly things which the color pink reflected my identity. Although it was only one postcard, the chaotic and the different use of mediums and materials gave me a lot to look at and entertain with. However, I am unsure if the postcard reflected my partner’s identity or mine because from her pictures I interpreted that she also likes pink (shown from the pink ribbon and thread and the translucent reflective plastic). Hence, I think this gift not only reflects my identity but also a part of Penny’s identity.

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