Integrative Studio 2: Hero for One Day

My Hero for One Day project is based on the observations I had done at the Union Square Park. As the last part of our Bridge 1 project, we were informed to create an artwork with any medium we want to use that displays our own hero’s identity. Coming to this final project took many parts, such as the gift project for our assigned partner and the observational practice of a picture in class. The man can be inferred as a hardworking farmer who takes each customer solemnly with content and pleasure working towards the best for his family. Farming is revolved significantly around his life. The market consists of organic fruits and vegetables – asparagus, tomatoes, apples, carrots, and cabbage. He lives from the money he earns from his Migliorelli Farm located in Tivoli, New York. Though the interpretations from a man’s exterior appearance cannot be enough to know the truth behind the man’s motive, his identity as a diligent farmer, father, and a husband can undoubtedly be seen from the observational research – a hero

As for my project, I had decided to use Adobe Photoshop to create a collage of the man. I used different images of fruits, vegetables, farm, family, and the market to define his identity as my hero. I chose to do photoshop for this project because it is my strongest medium as a communication design major. First, I had imported my photo of the man in Photoshop to set it as the background layer. Then, I gathered images from the internet as my source to make a collage for my final art piece.

These are some of the examples:

I decided to mask the original photo with the images I collected from the internet to create a collage. Using the lasso tool, I selected certain parts to create detail. Additionally, I changed the opacity of each selected layer to show the depth of the final piece.

Once I had finished the main figure of the final piece, I decided to also input a background of greenery and farm into the piece as a significance component of my hero’s identity.

Final Documentation

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