Sustainable Systems: Observation #2

Title: The Water Lab

Date: 13. 06. 2018

Time Start: 12.23

Time End: 12.40

Temperature: Warm, Room Temperature

The classroom was perfectly prepared and set up for all the students to start their very first lab experiment. The samples, gloves, and lab coats were provided on each table. The classroom was not too cold or hot. It was just the right room temperature. Perhaps the room temperature was to maintain the live samples we were using for the experiment. The classroom filled with students was quiet and tranquil. Everyone was very focused on the safety instructions informed by the scientist and assistants. I could feel the adrenaline of excitement for the experiment we were going to conduct for testing the cleanness of fecal water. We carried out experiments of different coliforms and discuss the possible design methods to avoid fecal contamination in the water system situated in New York. As we started to begin the water lab experiment, the level of voices got louder and I could hear the different conversations of the experiment. Putting on the stretchy, malleable blue gloves, it molded into the shape of my hands and sweat started to form on my hands due to insufficient levels of oxygen flowing through my hands. The lab experiment gave me a better understanding of the function of the water system and how fecal contamination can occur from living organisms.

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