Time: Journal Entry – Amy Khoshbin

Journal Entry – Amy Khoshbin

As a visiting artist, Amy Khosbin introduced her artworks that she had worked on in her career. Subsequent to her presentation, I thought it was inspirational to see her process of becoming a successful artist. She has mentioned how failure is a process that leads to success and she found her own passion and medium of making an art – that is, reflecting on her own personal identity as a rapper, artist, and performer. Listening to her father’s history, she has made numerous artworks dedicated to her father’s riot and her cultural background that has influenced her art making.

Out of all Khoshbin’s artworks, The Scheherazade Project appealed to my eyes the most. Khoshbin’s collage of the photographs and after effects had constructed the two-dimensional perspective surreal. I thought she used playful use of color that assembles the artwork alluring to the audience. Moreover, The Scheherazade Project displays a Persian story of a virgin killing king who kills virgin women the day after taking their virginity. Through this traditional story, I thought Khoshbin’s artwork integrates a movement of pop art as well as realism by making a live action of a dancer dressed up as the king with a greenscreen backdrop of digital installation. Furthermore, the collage making of the art is incorporated with a Persian music, which made me fall into the story and feel the mood of the artwork with suspicion and shock. As a communication design major, I know that I will be using digital, graphic art that will involve Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and After Effects. Hence, reflecting on this piece, I hope that one day I can become a successful artist like Khoshbin and possibly integrate a Khoshbin’s art of digital art.

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