Time: Video Project 1

For our final project, we were assigned to create a video representing the passing of time. Subsequent to the many videos we had watched in class, I wanted to create a video about Korean food. Having a Korean identity, Korean kimchi and barbeque are a part of the Korean culture as well as the food I grew up with. Starting from the beginning to the end, it represents the preparation of food and the end product of the finished plate. Through this, it shows a passage of time of how it became the finished food. Prior to editing, we had to create a storyboard for how the start to the end would have to be planned out.



From the three storyboards, I decided to use the third one. In the process of shooting, I had shot footage from my iPhone camera. As for the process, I had used different video transition effects to make the video smooth from one clip to the next. Additionally, I had removed the sounds from the video clips except for the sizzling sounds on the pan to emphasize our senses as well as I added background music to add more uplifting mood to avoid the silence in the video. As I was editing the video, I had changed the storyboard I had planned out because it had made the video too long and unexciting. Hence, I decided to keep the video short and sweet for audience’s entertainment.

Final Documentation

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