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I remember…

I remember the smell that emanating from the kitchen around lunch time in preschool.

I remember the the loud sirens disrupting class

I remember the taste of alcohol when I thought it was apple juice

I remember the feeling of the soft fabric I played with

I remember long talks with my mother on the couch

I remember having to hide vogue from my fourth grade teacher

I remember how I felt after I failed my school audition process.

I remember hearing that “the proof is in the pudding, but your pudding is thin” from my art teacher

I remember daydreaming and planning about what my life would be in the future

I remember the walk home from school

I remember wearing matching Hawaiian shirts

I remember always wearing shorts

I remember not fitting in

I remember wanting to be someone else

I remember getting my first phone

I remember hallucinating when I was sick

I remember the day at the beach after my parents fought

I remember the feel of the waves as they crashed over me

I remember the smell of duct tape

I remember the need for approval

I remember the feeling of the cold brisk wind on my face when my family went on adventures.

I remember Bahareh coming over and having a play date

I remember when I just wanted to hang out with my friends but my family called it a “date”

I remember breaking my obsidian necklace

I remember when I didnt wear my obsidian. It was the day of my audition for OSA, I didnt realize I wasnt wearing it until after the audition was over.

I remember wanting to be an adult.

I remember wanting to sleep with this piece of fabric as a blanket

I remember my first sewing machine

I remember how much i desired a cell phone even though i didn’t have much use for it

I remember my leather bracelet breaking in history class

I remember this gold ring that my grandmother gave me

I remember my first vogue. It was the september issue with a girl in a blue velvet top and jeans. I read it during recess in the fourth grade 

I remember always wearing sunglasses

I remember clam chowder in the cold wind

I remember getting my Obsidian necklace from my grandmother after her trip to Mexico

I remember having to replace the leather band on the necklace many times

I remember getting a new obsidian from my uncle after I broke the other one

I remember being asked all the time about why I wore my necklace

I remember taking pride in wearing it everyday

I remember never questioning if i should wear the necklace or not

I remember blaming any downfall or mishap on not wearing my necklace

I remember learning how to thread and tie my necklace so that it would hang properly

I remember wanting a door made out of obsidian

I remember thinking about how much the obsidian has contributed to my life

I remember

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